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Oscar Otter Funky Friends Factory Pattern-Funky Friends Factory-My Favorite Quilt Store

Oscar Otter Funky Friends Factory Pattern

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Jun 7
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Jun 13-15
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Product Details

Finished Size: 43cm / 17inches long

Oscar is a cute little sea otter who loves swimming around on his back and foraging around for clams. This pattern has got some small, fiddly pieces so I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner but once you have sewn one otter you’ll want to sew more. So sew him a friend to swim around with... holding hands!


  • Dark (Body) Fabric - 30cm x 110cm wide (12 inches x 43 inches wide)
  • Light (Face) Fabric - 15cm x 55cm wide (6 inches x 22 inches wide)
  • Clam Fabric -10cm x 25cm wide (4 inches x 8 inches wide)
  • Felt for NOSE & MOUTH - 4cm x 4cm (1½ inch x 1½ inch)
  • 18mm (¾ inch) BROWN craft eyes
  • Embroidery thread for sewing felt and whiskers.


  • General sewing supplies (thread, pins, needles, scissors, etc)
  • Craft glue & firm card for templates.
  • Fine tipped permanent marker pen/fabric marker.
  • Toy stuffing