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Easy Pre-Cut Quilt Kits

This is one of my favorite products, and I wanted to share it with you. There are times when I need a present for someone, and they want something quilted since I’m a quilter and they love my craft just do not understand how much it costs or how much time it takes so I need easy projects I can finish in a short amount of time.  This table runner is the perfect thing. I can make this quick, and I have a beautiful quilted item to give to a friend or take as a hostess gives for someone who I’m staying with for the weekend, and it will be a hit. They are quick, beautiful and are a right price to give as a gift.

I did a quick video explaining the product:

I have many different styles of quilting in these pre-cut kits.

Look Under Quilt Kits and Table Runner Kits to find them.

Happy Quilting,