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Entangled Round-About Kit and Sew Along

Buttermere Entangled Round About Quilt Kit
Buttermere Entangled Round About Quilt Kit+ Additional Borders 102" x 102"
Featuring Buttermere by the original Morris & Co.


Welcome to the world of quilting, where creativity and craftsmanship come together to produce stunning works of art. In this blog post, we're excited to introduce you to the Buttermere Entangled Quilt Kit, a delightful project that will ignite your passion for quilting. Designed by the talented Linda McGibbon of Lakeview Quilting, this kit is a gateway to a world of beauty and intricate design. 

Details & Program Perks

Get ready to immerse yourself in this creative journey! Here’s how you can join: Grab the Buttermere Entangled Round About Quilt Kit and join us in the videos below!

Installment Videos Introduction

You won't be alone in this—FreeSpirit is providing instructional videos to guide you through each segment of the Round-About quilt. These step-by-step tutorials will be posted on our YouTube channel and website, ensuring you can follow along at your own pace. Every Monday over the span of 12 weeks, individual video tutorials will hit our social channels, allowing you to dive into the quilting process systematically.

Enlarging Your Quilt & More

Ever wanted to create a larger-than-life quilt? Here’s your chance! You'll have the opportunity to expand the quilt to an impressive 102" (2.59m) square. Additional fabric requirements for this expansion are detailed below. You can also purchase our Buttermere Entangled Round About Quilt Kit+ Additional Borders 102" x 102".

Program Timeline

Mark your calendars! Here’s a rundown of the key events:

  • December 8, 2023: Entangled Quilt Kits began shipping out to participants.
  • January 8 - February 23, 2024: All the instructional videos will be available on Free Spirits YouTube channel and our website. Below each video is unfolding the quilt-making process gradually.
  • February 5, 2024: FreeSpirit has something special planned—a LIVE Q&A session on the FreeSpirit Facebook page. Get ready to have your questions answered and discover insider tips and tricks!

What’s in the Quilt Kit? Here’s what the Entangled Quilt Kit includes:

  • Fabric to craft a 76" (1.93m) square quilt top and binding—totaling 11 3/8 yards (10.4m)!
  • 11 fabrics sourced from the Buttermere collection by the original Morris & Co.
  • 3 fabrics from the original Morris & Co. featured in the 2023-2024 Re-order Catalog
  • A comprehensive pattern with detailed instructions
  • Guidance for expanding the quilt to a magnificent 102” (2.59m) square quilt top

Note: Quilt back fabric is not part of the kit. You’ll need 5 yards (5.37m) of 44” (114cm) fabric. FreeSpirit recommends PWWM091.MULTI. Additionally, prepare 2 1/2 yards (2.29m) of 108” (274cm) quilt back fabric. FreeSpirit recommends QBWM001.LINEN, QBWM001.NAVY, or QBWM008.LINEN. Join us for this incredible journey, and let’s create something beautiful together!  

Here are 12 video tutorials to walk you through your kit!

Please, let us know if you have any questions.

Installment 1: General Overview

Installment 2: Half Square Triangles Three Methods

Installment 3: Round One The Center Star

Installment 4: Round Two

Installment 5: Round Three

Installment 6: Round Four

Installment 7: Round Five

Installment 8: Round Six

Installment 9: Round Seven

Installment 10: Round Eight

Installment 11: Round Nine Constructing the Setting Triangles

Installment 12: Round Ten Adding the Setting Triangles & Final Borders