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Grocery Store Hacks for Sewing and Quilting

Many of my favorite things for the sewing room are found in the grocery store.  So I wanted to share some of them with you.  We have also done a You Tube video on how to use these products.

Freezer paper

Freezer paper has been a staple in the sewing room because it is so versatile. The shiny side of the paper is coated with plastic that melts slightly and adheres to fabric once heat is applied. It can be removed and re-ironed several times before it becomes too fuzzy to stick anymore. Freezer paper has a nice weight. You can see through it for tracing designs, and it comes eighteen inches wide on a large role.  Here are just a few of the ways I use it for quilting.   Freezer paper shrinks just a little when ironed, so make sure you iron it before you make your template if you want an exact size.  Most of the time you get very little change in the size.

  • Pattern making
  • Appliqué  - Machine and hand appliqué shapes
  • English Paper Piecing
  • Fabric stabilizer
  • Foundation paper piecing
  • Template for odd shapes
  • Quilting stencils for machine and hand quilting
  • Peel off label for fabric or blocks


Parchment Paper

It is great to use for quilting when doing appliqué.  That is what I use it for mostly.  You can see through it easily and works great with heat.

  • Quilting stencils for machine and hand quilting
  • Fusible appliqué
  • Pressing fusible appliqué


Press N Seal

  • Quilting stencils for machine and hand quilting


Shout Color Catcher

I have had a few color emergencies with bleeding of fabrics over the years, so I have found that this product work well when washing quilts or pre washing your fabrics.  I will also use the sheets when I pre wash the fabric colors that experience tells me are likely to bleed: red, brown, dark blue, dark green, and black.  Not all fabrics can be pre washed, so when I first wash a quilt, I add a color catcher.  If it has lots of white and color, I add two, to catch all the color.  I have had success with this product.  I leave them with the quilt in the dryer too.

  • Washing quilts and fabric