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How to Quilt The Poppy Dream Big Panel

When you first look at that Poppy Dream Big Panel you have to decide where to start. So let's work through the basics first. You need to choose your backing and the batting first. So you have to know what your result you want to achieve. If this is going to be a wall quilt, you will probably want to show off your quilting so you will need a double batting to accomplish this. I go over the batting after later in this post. When you choose the backing if you are trying to achieve a whole cloth look you will need to find a backing that is a semi-solid to solid I like the grunge prints because it has a little colors change and is not a complete solid. A print will not show off your beautiful stitching. Lastly, the thread is a significant consideration. I have had some matched to make it easier to choose and find the thread.

The Poppy is a beautiful vibrant panel, and we made this just for our customers. We took the Dream Big Panels and worked with the designers at Hoffman to bring you this coloration of the Dream Big Panel. When I was creating it I wanted to give it more color and have the center more defined so it really looked like a flower. I have been asked if I have a thread and a matching backing for this beautiful panel. I have been working on getting this information together and I have finally able to get all the pieces together. Heather Purcell from Superior Thread put together the colors. We have a couple of choices on the center of the panel.

Choosing Thread

When looking at this panel it has a lot of deep colors. So you can use contract thread or matching thread. Each will give you a different look to the panel

The center of the panel can be done with a couple of different thread. You can use one of the glitter colors we have two choices. The first is a green and the second is more of clear shine. Then we have a three pack of so fine threads that match the panel. For this panel you will only need spools. Cones are shown above because they give you a better idea of the colors used. So fine thread is very fine and you can do dense quilting with it and you will not have a heavy thread build up. So Fine matching colors are #412 - Hot Chilies, #533 - Real Orange, #496 - Summer Sun for the petals. You can also use the Summer sun in the center on the green and it softens the colors.

So Fine Thread

This pack is all three colors

  • #412 - Hot Chilies
  • #533 - Real Orange
  • #496 - Summer Sun
Glitter - # 108 - Atlantis

This would be used as a highlight in the center of the flower.

Glitter - #111 - Pearl Crystal

This would be used as a highlighter in the center of the flower and would just give it a pearl essence look in the center.

Choosing the Backing and Binding for this Quilt

I have chosen four beautiful fabrics that match the colors in the Poppy Dream Big Panel. Any would make it attractive. It just depends on the look you are trying to achieve. You can make it fun or like a whole cloth quilt on the back. Any of these options will make your panel beautiful. You will need 1.5 yards for the backing and another half yard for binding on the 43″ square panel. I used the Grunge Romance on the back of the pictured quilt to give it a whole cloth quilt look on the back. I also used this as the binding and it matches the edge of the panel perfectly. You will love using this as the binding. You will need a half yard for the binding