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Riverside Knoll Sew A Long Installment #2

Installment #2 - Already!  How did you do with Installment #1?

Click here to see the video for Installment #2

Installment #1 was a bit time did have a good bit of applique.  You can't just whip that out!  How did you do your applique?  Did you challenge yourself?  Did you go to your old standby?  or like I sometimes do .... did you put it off till another day?

But, now on to Installment #2!

This month we will be finishing the medallion center and adding a few connecting blocks.  The connecting blocks will be added with installment #3 so set them aside after you finish them.

Here are some tips for the applique blocks.

There are a lot of fabrics in this installment.  Make sure you have them marked and organized.  It is very easy to get confused.

  • I cut the 8 7/8" squares (grey and neutral) 9" square.  Then cut them on the diagonal. I  sewed them together and trimmed them down to  8 1/2".  I felt as if I wanted the foundation block to be very precise. 
  • crease the -now- half square triangle block in half and pick out a few stitches along the crease along the diagonal seam.  Just a few are just inserting the stem. Baste the stem in place.                                  
  • Now add the red triangle.  Trim away the back excess to a 1/4" seam allowance.  Here is the block finished ready for the rest of the applique.     Use the same fabrics for the applique as in Install #1                                             

Ready to tackle the pieced block?  This one will go quick!  Get your fabrics together and cut it out.  The instructions are for one block and you will be making four blocks.  Here's some tips for this block!

  • mark the diagonal on the 2 1/2" squares.  This is always helpful for proper piecing.  
  • Watch the placement of the black squares.  It's always to the right.  Follow along with the pattern to be sure it's in the right spot.
  • I pressed some of the seams open once I put the 2 units together.  
  • When doing the grey/neutral block watch the placement, again, of the 2 1/2" squares.  I put them together backwards the first time.... Rookie move! 
Here is Installment #2 finished!  Remember you will be making 4 of each block.  Take your time and enjoy the process.  It's a fun and quick pieced block.  Don't shy away from the applique - this is the last of the applique! 
                        I'm excited for what next month will bring.  
Remember to join us for Riverside Knoll Facebook Live on the 15th of the month.  Keep watching your emails for more information.
Ready, Set, Sew!   
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