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Riverside Knoll Sew A Long Installment #3

Here we are again!  Installment #3 and the quilt is now taking shape.  The middle "should" be done and we are working on the next border.  I enjoyed this month.  NO APPLIQUE!  All piecing!  It was a treat! 

Make sure you have your fabric organized.  You will be using all but 2 fabrics.  The black is not being used and the "grey" that I think looks taupe is not being used.  Count your fabrics.  Pull the neutrals first.  The small squares that are stair stepped are one fabric.  The larger triangles are made for the other 4 neutrals.  

Here are the tips of the Installment:

  • As I recommended above - pull the neutrals first and cut and set them aside.  This is easy to do and then this part can be put away.
  • I cut each of the remaining fabrics...colors...3" X 10 1/2".  I cut the same strip from each fabric and put them aside.  I took them to the ironing board and pressed them in piles of 5.  This way I could cut them together and it saved me oodles of time.  All of these fabrics are cut the same.  Cut them in multiples!

  • Lay out the block.  There are 15 pieces in each block.  Count them.  It is super easy to leave off a row.  Take you time as always!   You can do it with a bit of patience.

  • 1/2 of the blocks are done in reverse - mirror image.  Watch your placement.
  • when you get the color portion of the block done, with a pencil on the wrong side of the block, mark the sewing line from corner to corner.  Layer the neutral triangle, right side together, with the color portion of the block and press.  Sew on the drawn line.  Trim the seam allowance to 1/4".  You will be cutting off the points of the color blocks as well as a small bit of the neutral.

  • Press toward the neutral.  

The placement of the colors do not matter.  Just mix up the fabric strips so they are pleasing to you.  There will be leftover strips.  

Enjoy the process!   Join me on June 1st at 10 am for a facebook live.  Remember to show me your progress on our Riverside Knoll Facebook page. 

Ready, Set, Sew!  Mary Jean Murphy

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'Till the next Installment!  Ready, Set, Sew!  

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