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Riverside Knoll Sew A Long Installment #6

Installment #6

How can that be?   We just got started!  

This project is coming together so nicely and quickly.   Once the center medallion was complete I feel like the quilt just went together!  I have had such a wonderful time leading this group.  We have such nice ladies/gents working toward the end goal of a finished sew along!  If you have been sewing along with me, then you are saying the same thing.  If you are not, maybe this is the month you will start your project.  The inspiration is only a few clicks away on our Facebook page!   Some of you have been very creative with your scraps.  I can't wait to see what you do with the leftover fabric!


Here are your tips for Installment #6-

If you took my advice and cut out installment 6 with installment 5 then it's time to find those 1 1/2" X 7 1/2" bars.  They are stuck somewhere for safe keeping!

If not, then get the bars cut out before you do anything else.  I cut out 1 bar from each fabric minus the neutrals. 

Determine the fabrics used in the blocks.  All 4 blocks are identical.  All four blocks use the same applique - hand or fused!  I tried tucking the stem in the seam like we did in the medallion.  It just wouldn't lay flat so I did it as she suggested in the pattern.  

I finished the block (sewed on the bars) before I did the applique.  I think I just wanted to feel like the block was finished.  Measure the block height against the height of the installment 5 border.  They will need to match.  

My finished sew along is at the quilter.  I will send out a post when I get it back.  

You will need 4 yards of fabric for the back.   Cut it in half and piece the 2 together with the seam down the middle.  Order your fabric soon if you want some "Right as Rain".  We are getting low on inventory and Henry Glass does not have any to ship to us.  We have saved a bit back but it is first come, first served.

I've got one photo of my quilt finished but not quilted.  More to come!  

The photo does not do this beauty justice!

Enjoy the process!  Keep up the good work!  I can not wait to see your finished projects! 

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'Till the next Installment!  Ready, Set, Sew!  

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