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Solar Flare Installment 3

We are on installment 3 and we should all be good at paper piecing.  Unless you are like me and make a mistake.  I did not have one of the pieces correct, and it was too short when I squared up the block.  So the only thing that is tricky is in the middle of the block you use shorter lengths of fabric and at the end they need to be the longer ones.  I talk about it in the video and also show how I took out the mistake.  Good learning for anyone who has a problem.:)

  Block 4 is a setting stock. It is all blue and teal fabrics.  I worked from the center out as it is a mirror image on both sides.    You will make 4 of them.  Make sure you number and letter your paper so you make the correct amount.

Block 5  and Block 6 are mirror images of each other.  You use each fabric only once in the block.  Make sure you set out your fabrics and do all 4 of one block and then reverse the fabric and do all 4 of the second block. It is easy to confuse these so do all four of them at the same time before starting the mirror image.

Block 5

Block 6