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Solar Flare Installment One

Hi Everyone we are ready to start on the Solar Flare!

I started on retreat and had to tear it all out and start over.  Here were some of my mistakes...  The paper is very thick for paper piecing and I found that if I folded in on the sewing line first before I started sewing it made the paper more flexible. You need to make that paper a little more pliable to make it easier to work with.

Second..with ever single piece you sew on the block, you need to iron it flat before you cut it and pin and sew the next piece.  I tried finger pressing and then holding in place, but the paper was too thick to feel it was not flat.  Usually paper piece with a thin paper, so I can feel if there is a problem. With this paper, you need to fold it back and look under to make sure you have all your fabric in the right place.

Once you overcome these two problems, it is a breeze.

I did a video, and it is on the Facebook group page and also on our YouTube channel.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I probably ran into them.

Here are the fabrics you need for the first installment and the block

I have pulled the fabrics and have them cut for the block.  I have the block labeled with the fabrics used in each section.  I have each fabric labeled in the selvage what letter it is.