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Belinda Butterfly Funky Friends Factory Pattern

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Finished Size: 33 cm / 13 inches Belinda Butterfly might just be the most beautiful Funky Friend EVER but we’re NOT going to tell her that in case she gets a bit big-headed! :) She’s a fun pattern for using up scraps of fabrics from other projects and will be a hit with kids of all ages. This toy pattern has some small pieces so I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner toymaker who should start with one of my easy patterns. RECOMMENDED FABRICS: This Butterfly pattern can be made from most fabrics so you can use NON-STRETCH (woven) fabrics (eg. quilting cottons) or STRETCH (knit) fabrics (eg. fleece and Cuddle). The wings may be harder to sew using very thick fabrics. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: Top Main Fabric 12cm x 35cm wide (5inches x 14inches wide) Bottom Main Fabric 18cm x 35cm wide (7inches x 14inches wide) Head Fabric 25cm x 20cm wide (10inches x 8inches wide) Feeler & Arm Fabric 25cm x 35cm wide (10inches x 14inches wide) Wing Fabric 27cm x 70cm wide (11inches x 28inches wide) Wing Batting 27cm x35cm wide (11inches x 14inches wide) 12mm (½inch) craft eyes Felt for Cheeks Embroidery thread for Cheeks and mouth.