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Harper Hobby Horse Funky Friends Factory Pattern-Funky Friends Factory-My Favorite Quilt Store

Harper Hobby Horse Funky Friends Factory Pattern

$13.00 / each
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Feb 29
Mar 1-5
Mar 6-8
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Product Details

"Who needs a REAL horse when you have got a great imagination? There’s something nostalgic about a simple stick horse that brings childhood memories rushing back. This cute Hobby Horse will provide just as much fun as a real horse and get your kiddies burning up heaps of energy too! Perfect for any pony-obsessed, wanna-be cow girls and boys!


  • Main Fabric - 20"x 43.5"
  • Muzzle Fabric - 8"x 12"
  • Ears & Head Band - 6"x 42.5"
  • For Covering Dowel - 10"x 43.5"
  • Craft eyes - 22 mm
  • Wodden Dowel Rod - 40" long and 1" diameter
  • Yarn for Mane
  • Cord for Reins - 40" long

General Requirements:

General sewing supplies (thread, pins, needles, scissors, etc.)

Craft glue & firm card for templates.

Fine tipped permanent marker pen/fabric marker.

Toy stuffing