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Penny Penguin Funky Friends Factory Pattern-Funky Friends Factory-My Favorite Quilt Store

Penny Penguin Funky Friends Factory Pattern

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Feb 24
Feb 26-28
Feb 29-Mar 4
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Product Details

Finished Size: 26 cm / 10 inches

Penny the penguin arrived in a flurry of feathers this morning. She got lost from her friends in a big storm at sea and was so cute, we let her join our merry band of Funky Friends. She is bright and fun and full of character and very easy to sew. Her big green eyes give her such an endearing look, you can't help wanting to rescue her!


The Penguin can made from most fabrics including quilting cottons, and stretch fabrics (eg. fleece, stretch velour, chenille and flannelette.)


  • Main Fabric 38cm x 45cm wide (15inches x 18inches wide)
  • Orange Fabric 18cm x 35cm wide (7inches x 14inches wide)
  • Yellow Fabric 25cm x 20cm wide (10inches x 8inches wide)
  • White/Light Fabric 25cm x 35cm wide (10inches x 14inches wide)
  • 9mm / 3/4 inch craft eyes
  • Scrap of yellow for the cheeks
  • General sewing supplies
  • Toy stuffing