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Star Wars Mandalorian Helmet BQ2 Quilt - Fully Finished Quilt-My Favorite Quilt Store-My Favorite Quilt Store

Star Wars Mandalorian Helmet BQ2 Quilt - Fully Finished Quilt

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Jun 12
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Jun 18-20
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Product Details

This is a fully finished quilt, ready to use.  It was made in our Humble Texas location.  The quilt has not been washed or used.  It is handmade with a machine stitching and machine quilting. Included are care and storage instructions

Quilt Size: 67.5" X 81". - Nice throw or twin size bed quilt

Fabric:  100% Cotton Mandalorian fabric by Camelot fabrics and Bella Solid by Moda Fabrics - All High Quality Fabrics

The quilt is a labor of love, constructed with machine stitching and machine quilting, ensuring precision and uniformity in every stitch. The care and storage instructions included are there to guide you in keeping this quilt in pristine condition for years to come.

With dimensions of 67.5" X 81", the quilt fits comfortably as a nice throw or can grace a twin-sized bed with its presence. The fabric utilized in this quilt is of premium quality, consisting of 100% Cotton Mandalorian fabric by Camelot Fabrics paired with Bella Solid by Moda Fabrics. This combination brings together themes of the beloved Star Wars series with high-quality materials that are as durable as they are visually appealing.

The design features an array of Mandalorian helmets set in a modern, geometric pattern, the iconic imagery creating a bold statement piece. The fabrics chosen provide a soft, comfortable feel, while the design adds a touch of contemporary pop culture to any room. Whether used as a throw or as bedding, this quilt is sure to be cherished by fans of the series and lovers of fine, handcrafted textiles alike.