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Grunge 2020 Contest By Moda Fabrics

We picked our Winner to Submit to Moda. The quilt was done by Denise Friedrich.  It is a beautiful blooming Christmas Cactus that her mother had.  She did free motion quilting on the quilt.  It is very beautiful.  It was submitted to Moda for the contest.  Let's hope she wins.



Calling on quilters to create a project using only grunge fabrics, and submit entries to our store for voting.  We will submit our most Grunge-tastic quilt to Moda for judging and you could win a prize. If you quilt is chosen it will be displayed at Fall Quilt Market 2020 in the Moda booth.  If you enter you will receive a discount coupon for 10% off an order for participating from our store. You must purchase at least a yard of your grunge fabric from our store to be eligible to enter the contest.

What are Grunge Fabrics?

Grunge Fabrics are Moda basics that give the perfect touch of texture to any project.  Debuting in 2008 as part of the Basic Grey's first collection, Urban Couture, Grunge is one of Moda's most popular basics and has grown to encompass seven different fabric lines: Grunge, Grunge Hits the Spot, Grunge Stars and Grunge Metallic.

Who is Eligible?

All Quilters who would like to create a quilt using any of the Moda Grunge Fabric lines?

Prize Awards:

First Place $2000 cash

Second Place $1000 cash

Third Place $750 cash


1.  Quilt top and backing must contain ONLY Moda Grunge brand fabrics.

2.  Any type of Piecing, quilting, embroidery, thread art, ect can be used.  Original work only, no quilt from patterns will be accepted.

3.  All 4 sides of the quilt should measure 240" total or less.  (example a 60" X 60" quilt = 240"  60"x $ sides = 240")

4.  Quilts must be fully completed, quilted and bound.  No quilt tops will be accepted.

5.  Quilts must be labeled with Maker's and Quilter's name, city and contact information.

6.  No limit to number of entries per individual during our portion of the contest.  We will only submit one quilt to Moda for final judging.  Judging will be done from  photos sent to store by an in house panel.  Since we are judging quilts off photos please make sure to take time to show off your quilt in the best possible way.

Important Dates:

 Photos must be submitted to us no later than September 1, 2020.

We will contact winner via email on September 10, 2020 of the quilt we are submitting to Moda as our stores winner of the contest.

If Moda picks your quilt as the winner of the contest, Your quilt will need to be sent to them by October 15, 2020 to be displayed at Fall Quilt Market 2020.


 Links to the Fabric Collections we have to use for the challenge

Grunge Fabric Grunge Hits the Spots Grunge Seeing Stars