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Daisy Dress-Up Doll Funky Friends Factory Pattern-Funky Friends Factory-My Favorite Quilt Store

Daisy Dress-Up Doll Funky Friends Factory Pattern

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Feb 27
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Product Details

Finished Size: 46cm (18 inch Dress-up Doll)

Daisy DRESS-UP doll was designed with fun in mind. She’s quick to sew and so are her outfits! You’ll have so much fun making her you’ll want to make a whole gaggle (giggle?) of these sweet girly dolls. She has so many options with different hairstyles and clothes you’ll never have 2 dolls the same! I think she would be a great pattern for an advanced beginner.


I made Daisy’s body and clothes with quilting cottons but she will also look great in knit/stretchy fabrics like fleece and Cuddle. Calico (muslin) was used for her skin, and wool felt was used for her hair, flowers and embellishments.


  • Doll Fabric - 40cm x 55cm wide / 15¾inches x 22inches wide
  • Shirt/Body Fabric - 17cm x 35cm wide / 6¾inches x 13¾inches wide
  • Dress Fabric - 2 pieces 20cm x 35cm wide / 8inches x 13¾inches wide
  • Skirt Fabric - 2 pieces 12cm x 27cm wide / 4¾inches x 10½inches wide
  • Skirt Tie Fabric - 4cm x 80cm wide / 1½inches x 34inches wide
  • Shoe Felt - 15cm x 30cm wide / 6inches x 12inches wide
  • Hair Felt - 30cm x 30cm / 12inches x 12inches 12mm (½inch)
  • Toy Eyes or black embroidery thread
  • Embroidery Floss for mouth
  • Felt scraps for flowers
  • Felt for Collar and pockets - 13cm x 20cm wide / 5inches x 8inches wide

General Requirements:

General sewing supplies (thread, pins, needles, scissors, etc.)

Craft glue & firm card for templates.

Fine tipped permanent marker pen/fabric marker.

Toy stuffing